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MALT, GALT and Leaky Gut

Energetix | Emily Greene-Hartsfield, ND Our bodies are constantly bombarded by outside influences, and the major defense is our own immune systems. The immune system is a complex network of many…

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Phyto Rad: the ‘Radical’ Antioxidant

Phyto means plant, and Rad means radical. Put them together and you have Phyto Rad! The 'Rad' in Phyto Rad is short for radical, and in this case, we're talking about free radicals from oxidative stress. When oxidative stress is ever-increasing, Phyto Rad can help the body maintain a healthy balance by providing 6 amazing antioxidants in a plant-based, herbal/nutritional blend.

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Immunity, Metabolism, and the Microbiome

The gut serves many critical functions, and as more research is conducted, the importance of gut health takes center stage. Aside from digestion and nutrient absorption, the millions of microbes living there—known collectively as the gut microbiota or microbiome—regulate both metabolism and immune system function.

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6 Antioxidants. 1 Great Product.

The body has the amazing ability to generate its own antioxidants, but this may not be enough to overcome the many oxidizing factors in today’s world. To help with these stressors, Phyto Rad contains a unique blend of 6 antioxidants that helps maintain the normal inflammatory response and provides comprehensive support in the presence of oxidative stress.

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