Our Product Line

Designed to Combine

The Energetix product line is easy to understand and easy to use. Our products are sold exclusively to qualified healthcare practitioners as we value the practitioner’s essential role in the healthcare process. Our comprehensive line includes three unique product segments to address complex health concerns:

Nutritional Products
Homeopathic Products
Botanical Products
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  • Homeopathic: Combination liquid remedies, formulated for ease of use
  • Botanical: Spagyrically-processed, liquid plant tinctures
  • Nutritional: Bioavailable dietary supplements for foundational and therapeutic support

These three segments of the line are designed to combine, and when used in combination, offer multiple therapeutic pathways to provide maximum effectiveness. Using a synergistic approach can be beneficial in the face of multi-faceted emotional, environmental, and lifestyle challenges. Suggested synergistic considerations for each product can be found at the bottom of the product pages.

Each product in the Energetix line is formulated for bioavailability. Nutrients and other components are supplied in a form that allows them to be readily assimilated, properly metabolized, and functionally specific. We understand that bioavailable products rely on the quality of their ingredients, and we ensure that all of our ingredients are properly sourced, processed, tested, and integrated.

We are constantly improving and expanding our line to provide tools and solutions for you and your patients.