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Phyto Rad: the ‘Radical’ Antioxidant

The ‘Rad’ in Phyto Rad is short for radical, and in this case, we’re talking about free radicals from oxidative stress.

Phyto Rad helps the body maintain a healthy balance by providing 6 amazing antioxidants as a plant-based, herbal/nutritional blend.

But what is oxidative stress and why is it important?

Oxidative stress occurs when the body has more oxidants (free radicals) than it has antioxidants to protect itself. When the body does not have enough antioxidants, the free radicals are able to damage parts of cells such as proteins, DNA, and cell membranes by stealing their electrons. Antioxidants help by providing stabilizing the electrons of the free radicals and neutralizing the oxidation process. This neutralization process makes antioxidants critical to health and wellness, especially in today’s fast-paced lifestyle where oxidative stress factors are increasing.

Many factors that increase oxidative stress:
  • Aging
  • Food quality
  • Excessive stress
  • Toxic metals
  • Environmental pollution

To help with oxidative stress, Phyto Rad was formulated with milk thistle, ginkgo, turmeric, green tea extract, quercetin, and grape seed extractall invaluable antioxidants. These ingredients work together because each one assists with oxidative stress on different organs and systems.

Each ingredient helps maintain normal function of various areas:
  • Milk Thistle: Liver function and glutathione production
  • Ginkgo: Memory and vascular function
  • Turmeric: Digestive, liver, and skin health
  • Green Tea Extract: Blood lipoprotein balance
  • Quercetin: Liver and cardiovascular health
  • Grape Seed Extract: Cell membrane and skin health

Your patients will love this ‘radical’ antioxidant product! To find out more about how Phyto Rad can provide crucial antioxidants for your patients, log in to our website to view its detail sheet!

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