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Are Your Patients Eating Habits SAD?

Many patients, especially new patients, are eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is composed of refined, packaged and preserved, genetically modified, fried, microwaved, and over-processed food. In this type of diet, enzymes, which are naturally found in raw or minimally processed foods, are destroyed—creating an environment where digestive and metabolic stress can occur.

Indulging in nutrient deficient foods often leads to digestive stress, which translates to internal congestion and toxicity from metabolic waste, and is extremely taxing to the body’s proper enzyme balance. To assist with natural enzymatic maintenance, Catalyst-C has been formulated to support a digestive system subjected to a diet similar to the SAD.

This is a perfect transitional supplement for individuals seeking to shift to a naturally congestion-free state, both digestively and systemically. It provides assistance for normal proteolysis of excess protein in the form of bromelain and three different pH levels of protease. Glucoamylase, invertase, pectinase, and diastase are included in this formulation to support normal digestion of carbohydrates, starch, and sugar, which would be especially useful in cases of over-indulgence.

For those patients who have eating habits similar to the SAD but are seeking to start fresh, Catalyst-C can help them make that transition. For long-term maintenance support, we recommend Catalyst-7, or in cases of sensitive systems, Catalyst-U provides a protease-free option to help maintain digestive health.

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