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Spagyrically Prepared Green Nutrition


It’s all about greens this month! We know we need greens, but is what we get able to be used?

Even with well-intended supplementation, your patients may not be able to assimilate the nutrients you know they need. Bioavailability is key to successful outcomes. Because of this, our liquid greens supplement, Spagyric Greens, is formulated for bioavailability and ease of assimilation.

Recently, combinations of barley grass, spirulina (blue green algae), and chlorella have become popular in clinical application. Spagyric Greens’ formula includes barley grass, amla fruit, oat straw, fo ti root, Irish moss, chlorella, blue green algae, and nutritional yeastall of which have been spagyrically prepared. This spagyric processing truly sets Spagyric Greens apart from other greens supplements, but what exactly is spagyric preparation and what makes it unique?

Spagyric preparation is designed to retain and concentrate the raw materials’ properties. A spagyric extract is produced by alchemical processes involving separation, purification, and cohobation. A pure, high quality, bioavailable product is created in which the plant’s active constituents are fully integrated with its energetic signature. We use the spagyric preparation method because it allows the nutrient-dense greens in the formula to be more easily assimilated.

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